Creative Therapy


The ASPEN program was created to enhance the lives of residents by promoting physical activities in common and functional ways. Comprised of many entertaining and functional games, ASPEN challenges and motivates residents beyond traditional therapy disciplines.

While much focus is paid to the physical rehabilitation and basic core exercises, we often neglect to look at the day to day tasks that many people continue to enjoy throughout their lives. Incorporating common household tools in the rehab process promotes confidence and functional independence. We also use carefully selected equipment that gives the resident a chance to work with common devices readily seen in the home environment. This provides a challenging, yet functional opportunity to improve upon limitations and build confidence for their return home.

Research has shown the benefits of outdoor programming are wide reaching and include prevention of falls, depression and isolation. Armed with that knowledge, Summit Care incorporates an outdoor program as well. One such activity that is utilized is gardening. The benefits are two-fold. First, it provides the resident with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor environment while at the same time allows for exercising at one’s own pace. Second, participation in this meaningful activity has a direct and positive outcome, as it rewards residents’ efforts and hard work. Ultimately, taking therapy from an institutional environment to a creative and engaging one will increase participation and improve therapeutic results.